Problem with Mail app

iOS & iPadOS

Hi. I have a problem with the mail app. When I open the mail app, it says, "Cannot get mail. The server is not responding. Please try again." The mail app worked earlier. And now, it stopped working. What should I do. I am using gmail.



Submitted by Serena on Sunday, November 1, 2015

have you enabled anything on the account such as two factor authentication? ... things like that can be the problem. if you have in fact enabled that, you need to generate an app password for that client to access it.

Submitted by david s on Sunday, November 1, 2015


Does this happen all the time? Or does it work fine and only happens once in a while.

This happens to me with my ATT and Gmail accounts once in a while. I do nothing and check mail again in about 10 minutes and it works. I suspect the servers or network may be busy.

HTH and good luck.