Problem forwarding a picture from a MMS

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I want to forward a picture in a MMS to my sighted husband. I'm having the same problem I do when I try to compose a text from within the messages and not the contacts app.

I've got iOS 10 and an iPHONE 5C. I am an experienced VO user, but this is really stumping me.

If I'm in contacts, sending a text is easy. I select the contact, and either select the number in the details screen or select the button for Text and from there select the recipient's phone number.

But, if I am trying to compose a textfrom within the text app, I get a "to" field and an "Add contact" button and the lower half of the screen is the keyboard. I double-tap the "add contact" button and the contacts app appears. I select the contact I want by double-tapping and now the details screen appears. But here, if I select a phone number, I'm creating a new text.

It feels like I'm going in circles. Yesterday I got an MMS with pictures I needed to forward. I double-tapped on a picture and then on the share button. From the list that appeared, I selected Text. Then I got the familiar To field with the onscreen keyboard.

I selected the "Add contact" button and now I'm in my contacts. But if I select a contact, I'm looking at the details screen; there seems no way to actually add that contact to the MMS I'm trying to create.

The problem seems to be that when you select the "add contact" button it simply calls up the contacts app and from there you can't actually add a contact to the message you started to create. Is this a voiceover bug or am I missing something silly?

How can I get out of this endless loop and forward those pictures?



Submitted by Betsy on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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I should not be replying since I'm still using the last version of ios 9 but can you no longer begin to type the recipients name in the to field then choose who you want from the resulting list?

Submitted by LaBoheme on Thursday, November 10, 2016

can you send the screenshot after you select the contact?

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Yes, that does work; typing the first few letters does pull up matches. But I often am doing this in a bouncing car or van where typing isn't that easy. I was able to mail him some of the pics that way, but I'm not sure why the "add contact" button isn't working as expected. On my iPOD running iOS 6, if I activate "Add to contact" I get the contacts app but double-tapping on a chosen contact does indeed add it.
And I'm not sure how to add an existing attachment to an email or text when that attachment is something that came attached to an MMS. On a computer, I'd save the attachment to a known location, then locate it on my hard drive and attach it to an email. On the phone, I don't know how to get the attachment from the MMS to another MMS or email that I've composed without using the share feature.