Problem with file saving in Voice Dream Reader in iOS 13

iOS and iPadOS

I got a problem after installing iOS 13 and the last version of VoiceDream Reader in my iPhone SE.
I use a customized Internet resource to retrieve book in txt format via the Safari extension of Voice Dream.
Everything worked fine until IOS 12.
Now I can still reach the desired site, enter credentials and display the book (however the text is displayed by Safari, and i am listening to iPhone VoiceOver speech, not to the voice included in Voice Dream).
Moreover, I get just the text and a scroll-bar with the number of pages and a percentage. I cannot find any "share icon", nor any other icon or save button, and I have to download the file again if I close the session.
Temporarily, I am using a solution (which is rather unsatisfactory): I locate and download books by stand-alone Safari browser, then I share them with Voice Dream Reader.
Does anyone have the same issue after updating to iOs 13?
Any hint will be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by peter on Monday, October 21, 2019

Always best to e-mail the developer. They can only fix problems that they know about!


Hi Pete,
I have contacted the support, of course, I'm still waiting for a satisfactory answer.
Just want to know: is just my device that fails? May be I lost something?
If someone has the same problem, please let me know.