Problem with Facebook messenger

iOS and iPadOS

I have Iphone SE, with ios version 11.
I am blind, and I use Voice over screen reader.
I have a problem with Facebook messenger, version 135.0, which is the last version.
1. Open Messenger, and create new message with a contact friend.
2. During I write the message, I accept an incoming call.
3. After I end the call, I return on messenger and I want to continue my message.
4. but if I re open the contact friend, messenger close.
6. I reopen messenger.
7. I find the contact friend which I write the message.
7. If I open the diskusson, messenger close again.
I solved this problem with the folloing steps:
1. I open messenger.
2. Find the contact friend, but before I open it, close Voice over.
3. Open the contact friend.
4. Activate Voice over.
5. Delete the old text.
6. After this, Messenger works propperlly.



Submitted by Karen L on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Since I've updated my iphone 6S to IOS 11 I am finding that I can't forward messages in Facebook Messenger. I us voice over so have to tap twice on things. I double tap on messages holding my finger down on the second tap and where a menu used to come up containing Copy, Paste etc, it doesn't anymore. Can anyone advise me about this please. It is so frustrating.

Submitted by Samuel J on Monday, December 4, 2017

The call kit integration seems to be broken for Facebook Messenger. Meaning, calls are no longer appearing in the Phone app, under the Recents tab like they used to in iOS 10, ever since call kit was introduced. Also, you can no longer accept Messenger calls from the locked screen, like you can with other VOIP apps.
It has reverted back to the old way, when an incoming call notification would simply show up as a notification on the screen with the Messenger ringtone, and one has to unlock the screen, open the app and accept the call from the notification that comes up.
I am not sure what happened here. For some reason, Messenger seems to have lost the call kit integration ever since iOS 11.