problem with Bluetooth keyboard in IOS 11

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Hi all. I have a standard Apple Wireless Bluetooth keybard. Until I updated to IOS 11, I was able to control the music player on my iPhone using the top row of the Bluetooth keyboard. This was especially convenient when using Airpods, as I could use it like a remote control to cycle through tracks, mute the phone or control the volume.
Since IOS 11 has come out, I can now only control the volume and play and pause tracks. I no longer have access to my Previous and Next Track buttons. I realise this is because of extra keyboard commands that have been incorporated into IOS 11. Is there a way I can toggle off this setting so that I can have these keys reassigned to the music player once again?
Any help gratefully appreciated. Kind regards. Tristan



Submitted by Serena on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

hi there, i've noticed that since i turned on first letter quick nav, via VO q, a lot of the extra keyboard functions don't work. try making sure to toggle that off, and try your media keys again. if it's not that, then i'm unsure what's going on with your keyboard, as my bt keyboards work as normal in ios 11. outside this, IE if you want single letter quick nav on all the time, no, as far as i am aware, there isn't any way to assign new keys / adjust bindings.

Submitted by Chris Smart on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Can someone give the following steps a try?

Problem: When passcode is entered via Bluetooth keyboard to wake up iPhone, the last digit typed gets repeated many times, for example, in the text edit field of the Messages app.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Turn Bluetooth on and use your Bluetooth keyboard for the remainder of these steps.

2. Go into a conversation in the Messages app, or somewhere where you can leave focus in an edit field.

3. Let your phone go to sleep.

4. Wake up the phone and enter your passcode using only the connected Bluetooth keyboard.

5. The last character of your passcode may be repeated dozens of times in the edit field that has focus.

That's what happens here, on an iPhone 6+, running iOS 11, and a connected Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth keyboard.

I'm unable to reproduce your issue with the last digit being repeated into the text field. I have a Logitech K380 keyboard, and also I'm running the iOS 11.1 beta.

I do have another issue to report, which has been happening since iOS 11. Steps to reproduce: 1. At the landing page for the messaging app, VO+Right Arrow to the Compose button and activate it with VO+Spacebar. 2. Start to type a recipient's name. 3. When the list of matching name candidates pops up, try to VO+Right Arrow to it.

For me, VO+Right Arrow doesn't take me into the list of name matches. I need to VO+Left Arrow, which eventually takes me into the bottom of the list, and then VO+Left Arrow some more to get to the top of the list.

Interesting observation: If the BT keyboard is off and you use swipe gestures, swipe right does take you from the name text field into the list. However, if you try this with swipe gestures again, but also have your BT keyboard turned on, swipe right doesn't work - you have to swipe left.

Can someone tell me how on Earth the swipe order of the controls changes just because a BT keyboard is either on or off?! I understand that bugs happen sometimes, but I just can't imagine how they could've possibly created code that results in this particular bug. LOL.