Problem with Bluetooth keyboard

iOS and iPadOS

one of my learners is having problems using Safari on his iPad with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and using voiceover. To go to the address bar he can either use Cmd + L or Ctrl + up arrow to get to back button and then right arrow to address bar. With both methods the focus shifts immediately from the address bar to the first item in the favourites list underneath and so he then has to navigate back to the address bar using left arrow, then clear the current text as it is no longer selected and ready for editing. I have tried this on other ipads and using other keyboards but don't have this problem - the focus does shift down to the favourites but the text is still selected in the address bar and is still ready for editing. Any ideas anyone?



Submitted by Brian Tew on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My safari has a setting for "show favorites bar." I would change that setting and see
if it helps. Ditto any setting about favorites. One at a time so I can tell if it helps.
Clearing the history often settles safari down.
Firefox has a very similar setup and works better for me on many sites.

thanks Brian. I've tried switching off the favourites bar but it is still visible. I then deleted the items one by one out of the favourites bar but all that happen now is that it drops down to the 'cut' button which is the first item on the on screen keyboard. I've even tried getting to safari address bar using gestures but it still does the same thing. I've tried clearing the history and changing to different browsers but still no luck.

Submitted by Simon on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do you have single key navigation enabled? This can make the address bar act funny when you navigate to it using the keyboard shortcuts ou mentioned