Problem with Apple Music. Is anybody else having this?

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Hi all. For those of you who have Apple Music, I have a question. I have all of my songs downloaded to my iPhone and my Mac, and iCloud music library turned on. However, it sometimes happens that on my iPhone, I am playing a song that I downloaded, and it's in the midst of the song, when the song suddenly changes to the next track. Basically, the song that was playing previously is not complete or something. However, the odd thing is, that in my Mac, I played the same song that had the problem on my iphone, And nothing happens. The song plays perfectly well, without changing suddenly. I have to either remove the song from the particular playlist, or as of today, I had to delete the song from my iCloud music library, and download it again. Is anybody else having this problem? Any suggestions of how it can be fixed? I turned off iCloud music library, and turned it back on again just recently. By the way, this problem seldom happens, but when it does, it is extremely annoying. I have the latest version of iOS nine installed, and a iPhone 6s, though this also happened with my iPhone 5. Thanks for any suggestions.



Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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The issue you described dates back to the early days of iTunes Match, and Apple still hasn't figured out how to resolve it. If you download a large number of tracks at once, a few of the tracks will be corrupted during the download, making them only partially playable. This can happen in both iTunes and the iOS Music app, though it seems to be more common on iOS. The remedy is to remove the download and redownload the track in question. To mitigate the issue, don't download too many songs at once.

This issue is common enough that there is an AppleScript available from Doug's Scripts that will look for corrupted files that were downloaded via iTunes Match, but that only helps when using iTunes on the Mac. There is no way I know of to scan for this problem on iOS, short of playing every single song you have downloaded.

This issue, among numerous others, is why I eventually disabled iCloud Music Library and went back to syncing music to my device from iTunes, which is much more reliable in my opinion. The tradeoff is that you cannot add Apple Music tracks or playlists to your library if you do this, which is one of the major selling points of the service. Therefore, if I find something in Apple Music I want to add to my library, I have to buy the tracks from the iTunes Store. For me, the extra money spent is well worth avoiding the many hassles of having my library in iCloud.