Problem agreeing to terms in Schwab Mobile app

iOS and iPadOS
I just downloaded the Schwab Mobile app. It seems to be accessible, but... I log in, and it brings up the terms of use, you know that boring legal mumbo jumbo that nobody actually reads. On the screen using VO I can find the cancel button at the top, then the entire text of the agreement. The one thing I can't find is an Accept, I agree, or any other similar button to actually, you know, accept the thing and go on! Has anyone else tried using this app, and if so, do you have any thoughts? It would be a shame if the app was otherwise accessible, but an inaccessible terms of use acceptance control made it unusable without sighted assistance. Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Pshon on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Club AppleVis Member
Hi, I've also downloaded it but d either didn't get that screen you're talking about or perhaps I by passed it because I set up my account on my pc first. I can't see a list of my accounts or the positions in each. Not sure what the problem is. On the website there are phone numbers to order a braille statement and to discuss accessibility issues. They also have two different phone services. One is called telebroker and I can't remember the other one. One is voice recognition and the other is done through touch tone. I'm signed up for these, but haven't tried them yet. It says you can get real time quotes from them, but they still should fix the app. If you'd like to discuss further, please email me privately. Pshon Barrett