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Hi everyone. I'm having trouble extracting text from images in prizmo. Can anyone please help by giving me the steps of how to do it?



Submitted by Bryan Jones on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Diana, Here are the steps I normally follow when attempting to use Prizmo to extract text from an existing image. I've included two sets of instructions: One set for extracting text from an image in the photo library on your iDevice, and another set of steps for extracting text from an image stored in Dropbox. I am using Prizmo version 3.1.4 on an iPhone 5S running IOS 7.0.6. Processing an image from the photo library on your iDevice. 1. Launch Prizmo. 2. Select Quick Capture. 3. Select the "Import Image" button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. 4. Select photo album to browse the images in your library. 5. Select the desired image. Prizmo will automatically begin processing and will then present any extracted text on-screen in a VO-accessible page. Processing an image from Dropbox: 1. Launch the Dropbox App. 2. Navigate to the desired image file and double-tap to open it. 3. Choose Share / Open In /Prizmo. 4. Select "Extract Text." 5. Select crop entire image and then Double-tap Apply to begin the OCR process. The results will then be displayed on screen with some options for further processing. HTH, Bryan