Printing directly from Voice Dictation app

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I have Voice Dictation. I also have a hp 8600 printer and a HP m1217nfw printer that I would like to print directly to upon demand after a dictation has been transcribed and is appearing on the screen. How do I do this with version of this date. If not possible now when will it be possible?



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Thursday, April 19, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
First, you technically can't print directly from the Voice Dictation app itself at this time. It does not have that feature yet. I suppose you could copy the text and paste in something you can print from like the Note app that comes with your device. Nobody here would know when or if that capability will be supported directly from the app by the developer. So I suggest that you contact the developer of the Voice Dictation to find out if they will have that feature in the near future. Second, remember that you must have an AirPrint Enabled Printer that supports our iDevices before you can do any printing from those apps. These printers can be found listed right here on this Apple page of AirPrint Enabled Printers: However, I do know that the Voice Assistant does have the Print capability to do the AirPrint but again you must have a supported wi-fi AirPrint Enabled Printer. I hope this was of some help.