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Hello all. Does anyone know anything about those new premium voice and how to install them on an IOS device? Thanks so much.



Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just plug your iDevice into AC power, and connect it to your wireless network, if you have one. The premium voices will download and just start working all on their own. The time it takes to work depends on how fast your internet is, so they should be working in less than half an hour i would say.

Submitted by rdfreak on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi there, on this same subject, I just got a new iPhone 5 and transfered my data from my iPhone 4S using iTunes (apps, contacts, etc) and now I don't have the option to load the premium voices but just have the compact voice. A friend told me it was a bug with IOS 6 when we back the appps up. Anyone else heard of this bug and is there any way I can get the premium voice again without having to reset my phone and start from scratch again?

Hi Rachel, As far as I know, all one needs to do is lug the phone into an AC outlet and connect to a wi-fi theory. I plugged my iPhone 5 into my laptop and connected to wi-fi and the voice downloaded within a few minutes. However, I have heard horror stories about iPhone premium voices not downloading for days on end, even while both plugged in and connected to wi-fi.

Submitted by cjsims on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Once the language is selected, one premium voice will download for you. This is the default language voice.

I cannot say I am sure I actually have loaded the premium voices, but I have left my phone charging and connected to a wifi connection by the hours. I Must have downloaded them by now. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day all of you. By the way, thanks for suggesting "voice dream" for reading web pages. I am using it to read Greek papers and books because the Greek voiceover TTS is really horrible for now.

Well I do have the premium voice now; it just appeared last night, so guess it took sometime to download even though I'd been connected to wireless before yesterday; weird but at least it's there now. :)

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