Possible VO bugs

iOS and iPadOS

I'm trying to decide if I'm a doofus or this is a real VO bug.
When I email myself a VCF file, (what outlook calls a business card but it's actually just a text file) in IOS 6.X on my iPOD Touch, I can view the contact and at the bottom of the screen tap either "create new contact" or "add to existing contact.
But in IOS 8.X on my iPHONE 5C, emailing myself the very same contact, I can view it but those buttons do not appear, at least to VO.
Another and different bug, on my iPOD Touch, in notification center, I can double tap the "clear section" in notification center for all the notifications that belong to a particular group, and they'll disappear.
But doing the same thing on the iPHONE 5C, nothing happens when I repeatedly tap "clear section" in notifications center.
I've got both devices updated to the latest iOS: 6.1.6 and 8.1.3. However I've had these problems since I got the new iPHONE with iOS8.