Possible serious bug in Ios11

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Hi all,
I have experienced a serious bug with iOS voices a couple of times since I have updated.
It is hard to isolate when and how it happened, but I will try to give some clues:
-I am using iOS 11 in an iPhone 7.
-I have set my device's language to english, though I am from Spain and I read a lot of spanish content.
-I installed two additional voices: Siri female (UK), and spanish Monica, while my default voice is Siri female (US).

The weird bug is as follows:
I am reading some text in spanish, using the spanish voice. Suddenly I realise there is a little lag between my gestures and the voice output. Finally, when I change the voice language to another, English (Siri female uk, in my case), voiceover stops working completely. In fact, voiceover works, but there aren't any voice output.
I cannot read anything from the screen, till I decide to restart the device. After restarting, however, it doesn't speak neither. Minutes later, around 5 or so, I am not sure, voice speaks again, but not using my Siri voice, but the default english voice, and examinigng voiceover settings it seems that Siri female is not installed, and I must download it again, though I am afraid the system doesn't release the corresponding storage (I am not sure about this last point).

Have you ever heard about that?




Submitted by AnonyMouse on Monday, September 25, 2017

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hey Alan,

Yes, you are correct and not alone. We have also seen this problem and you can find those information in the various blogs that we talked about in what you can expect to see in the iOS 11. The number of bugs that we have found and that are in the current iOS 11. This is a known but and not a pleasant one when it happens to you. A simple reset of your device will typically resolve this problem. It doesn't happen frequent enough that we found this be a serious showstopper. So, have we had this listed as moderate because there is a workaround to the problem.

Hope for future releases will resolve this problem!


Submitted by peter on Monday, September 25, 2017

When I've been experiencing problems with not getting VO feedback with iOS 11, often just killing and restarting VO will solve the problem (i.e., tripple tap of the home button to toggle VO off then on again). I haven't had to totally reset the phone itself.

As you said though, very annoying.


Submitted by Alan on Monday, September 25, 2017

thanks all,In my case, turning voiceover on and off does not solve anything'can someone confirm if when it happens, your available storage required by the phantom voice is not released?