Possible problem with bluetooth keyboard and iOS 10

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Hello to all,

Shortly after the iOS 10.0 update was released, I installed it on my IPhone 6+ and tried to use my Logitech K811 bluetooth keyboard to find an almost disaster. When I would try to type something with the keyboard, it would place duplicates of any letters or numbers I would press in the document. I have tried resetting the keyboard, removing the keyboard and reinstalling it in my Bluetooth devices, as well as a number of other items with no luck. I then installed the iOS 10.0.2 update thinking this would maybe fix the issues since it said that a number of stability issues and bugs were fixed and still have had no luck with this.

I am wondering if this might be a software issue with the new iOS or if there is something going on with an update for the keyboard needing to be installed on the phone to make it more compatible with iOS 10.0.2. I hope there is nothing wrong with the keyboard as I've been very pleased with it's performance and how it feels. The keyboard is not that old, only 11 months.

Any help or suggestions with this issue will be very much appreciated!




Submitted by Gadget Meistress on Saturday, October 1, 2016

I found that resetting voice over does the trick as far as dealing with the annoying double char bug. On my phone it still will come up at times until I turn off then turn on VO, and then it goes away.

Oh Wow!! I sure hope this does the trick!! Now... I have a dumb question for you. Feel free to laugh if you want but... Is there a short cut key or tactic to use in order to turn Voiceover back on? I do not have access to sight as I live alone. I don't know how I'd turnh it back on once I've turned it off.

Again!! Thank you!


Submitted by Mark on Saturday, October 1, 2016

I did some experimenting and found that Voiceover can be turned off and back on with Siri! When I had her turn VoiceOver off and back on, the keyboard seems to work much better!! I hope this continues to fix the issue!!

I want to thank you for your advice with this issue! You may have just made my day!



Submitted by Jordan on Sunday, October 2, 2016

I use an iClever Bluetooth keyboard, and I have had the same problem ever since I got it. Resetting the phone is the way I have found to fix the issue, and iOS 10 still has the problem. I wanted the Logitech Keys to Go keyboard but returned it thinking it was a keyboard problem.

Submitted by Brian Tew on Sunday, October 2, 2016

I emailed apple accessibility a while ago and they said it was fixed.
They said if it happens to unpail the keyboard and then pair it again.
If you have done that and it still doubles please notify accessibility@apple.com

I am wondering if ios is getting input from the bluetooth and onscreen keyboards both somehow.

Hello to all,

Thank you to all, for your help with this! I had deleted and repaired the keyboard to the phone several times with no luck. However. Ever since resetting VoiceOver last evening, the keyboard has worked perfect!! I do plan to e-mail Apple telling them of my situation and asking them to look into this. I know that it was not an issue when I installed iOS 9.0 when it came out.

It is suggestions and advice like these that made me swear by this site regarding my IPhone!

best Regards,