Possible odd bug/behavior in ipad-os. 13

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Hey guys!
I've been dealing with this very odd & annoying possible bug/behavior in Ipad-Os. 13. And I'd love 2 know if anyone else has dealt with this. I'm currently in contact with Braigo 2 try & fix a crash that happens when you try 2 upload photos from the photos upload button.
And part of this is sending screenshots/recordings 2 the dev with the issue. Here's where the possible bug comes in.
If I put ANY text in the message body before/after I attach (in my case photos) & try 2 send it, in an email, I get the following message:
unable 2 send email. the connection 2 smtp.gmail.com failed. additional server connections can be configured in passwords & accounts. This has happened even if I'm in a thread. I had 2 send the attachments in separate emails with text only in the subject lines of the emails! And the only reason I sent 2 emails containing attachments was because I wanted 2 make sure it'd go through, & also not clot the dev's inbox. And I could not send attachments in a email thread either! As you can imagine this can get pretty annoying, especially if you're doing what I'm trying 2 do!!
Has anyone else had this issue? And is there a workaround, other than putting all the text you'd like 2 & should put in the body of the email in the subject line?
I'm using Ipad-Os. 13.1.2, and I have an Gmail account set up in my mail app. And if it's not a bug, how can I fix this rather annoying issue?
Thanks in advance!