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my iPhone 5s are always get hang every week, it happens when i am not using my phone, and it needs to press the home and power button together in able to open it, i post earlier here for possible solutions and some advise to remove or sort some apps that maybe cause my phone hang, i do reset all settings then restore and install one by one my apps which is only 15 to be count, it is still gets hang after i remove my all apps, i'm thinking of some malware that cause my phone's hang, am i thinking wrong or is there such virus or malware in iOS? if that how can i fix this, i am running iOS 10.1.1. any help and ideas are greatly appreciated




Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Monday, November 28, 2016

Try the following steps:
1. Go to settings>safari and clear history and website data. This will remove any cash files that might be causing the problem.
2. Make sure that "block pop ups" is turned on.
3. Restart your iPhone.
4. Restore your iPhone using iTunes if necessary.
Hope this helps.

Submitted by Toonhead on Monday, November 28, 2016

I suspect it might just be a defective iDevice, that is entirely possible. Some hardware does fail after a time. if that's the case, you can restore and re-install everything on the phone until the end of time and the problem may never be solved. So, if it is entirely possible, I would at least explore the possibility that it may be the device itself that has gone bad. I know the iPhone is not very easy to obtain in some countries, but this is a very real possibility that you may have to explore. I'm sorry I don't have more positive news.

Submitted by Jake on Monday, November 28, 2016

Is your iPhone jailbroken? If not, then there are currently no known forms of Malware for iOS save the annoying web pages that pop up messages claiming that your Windows PC is infected. If it is jailbroken though, then any number of things could be going on.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Monday, November 28, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I must concur with the above two comments. If your phone is not jail broken. I am about 110% sure that you are not infected. However, if you really think it may be rooted somehow and it is a rare and small possibility. You can simply wipe the device. I mean put it in to FU mode and put on another install of the current iOS. But in the end I agree that it could be two other and realistic possibility. One, it could very well be an issue with the device itself. If you can I would take it to the nearest Apple Store and have them give it a full hardware diagnostic check. They would be most likely to find if there is a hardware issue. Secondly, I have heard that people are having different type of problems with the iOS 10. Anywhere, from locking up. Turning off on its own and even restarting on itself during the night. So it is also possible that the iOS 10 still has some gremlins that are in need to be fixed. Sadly, I don't have any other suggestions for you to try. Good luck and I can only hope that one of the solutions mentioned above might help.


Submitted by david s on Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Here is what I would do if an Apple store is not close by or your device is out of warranty.

Connect your device to your PC and perform a factory restore. Setup the device as new and manually enter all your info. Do not install any apps for a few weeks and observe your device. IF it locks up, it’s a hardware issue. If it does not lock up. It’s a software issue. I realize this is a long tie to go without your apps but this is the only way you’ll determine if it’s hardware or software.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by J.R. on Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I do not think malware is the answer, although anything is possible. If the apps are coming from here and you only have 15 of them, and you have never installed anything outside of the app store, it is unlikely. You could take the phone to a store which should take a look. I'm not sure which antivirus program you could run that may scan your phone. I know that <a href="http://www.trendmicro.com">Trend Micro </a> has a mobile solution, but I do not know of its accessibility. It would be free in the app store. It wouldn't hurt running it and see if it finds something melicious, but with so few apps, and only happening once a week, I do not think its possible. Malware would cause havoc quite often and you may or may not have symptoms depending on what it is designed to do. I hope this helps.