Possible IOS 15.1 bug with IOS password app

iOS and iPadOS

Since IOS 15.10 on my iPhone 13 I’ve found two issues using the IOS passwords manager, I’m wondering if anyone has encountered them also and are able to reproduce. I’ve reported to Apple but the Apple Disability dept guy was still on 15.03 so could not reproduce.

First issue, to open up the IOS password manager screen: Ask Siri to open up passwords either using Hey Siri or by holding down the side button.

Prior to 15.1 this should land you in the password screen and bring up Face ID or the passcode screen to get you in and see your various saved passwords.

Now following 15.1 Siri opens up settings and places focus at the top of the General settings screen directly above “About” & “Software update” so not even the screen in settings which passwords is located.

Second issue, once you flick all the way down to passwords and open up to add a new or edit a existing one voiceover does not give full speech feedback when in the password edit field.
On a new or existing password, the website and username fields are spoken ok and can be reviewed character by character when flicking up/down within their respective edit fields. In the password edit field this does not seem to work. You can type into the field but can not then flick up/down to check what you have typed. When you exit the edit field you can then move character by character but if then find a inputting error, such as typing passwody instead of password you tap into the edit field and swipe up/down to get to correct it voiceover just makes clicking sounds when swiping and no speech is given so you are left with guessing or deleting and starting over.

Not sure if I’ve explained these bugs well enough! But if it makes sense and anyone also has the same issues please comment and if possible please report it to Apple so they know it has been reproduced by other VO users.



Submitted by Adrian Wyka on Sunday, October 31, 2021

YES, I was able to reproduce this bug.
1. After the siri command "go to password settings" the main settings are opened.
2. When trying to edit the password, characters are not read. The cursor moves across characters while VoiceOver is silent.

Thanks for confirming you can recreate them. Hopefully you have or can report to Apple Accessibility also. Glad to hear it’s not just me!