Please help with Foursquare

iOS & iPadOS
Hi all, I have been trying to set Foursquare for use, but I cannot get some things to work: 1. How can I set selected location as my home? To explain it better, I set the address (street and number) as my home place manually, but whenever I check-in and post on Twitter, when I check my geo location, it is always put wrong, I mean it seems Foursquare displays the wrong street and number. When I check my current location with Around me, it is correct, but the one posted from Foursquare on Twitter is always put wrong, no matter whether I am at my flat or grandma’s house, it still gives wrong street. On the other hand, when I am at home and post something on Twitter with Tweetlist, and let Tweetlist post a tweet with geo location, geo location is correct. There is a big difference in my home geo locations displayed on Twitter when posting with Foursquare and with Tweetlist at the same place. So is it somehow possible to fix it? 2. Another thing is once I set a place as my home; can I delete or edit it with Iphone Foursquare app? I mean I set a place as my home, but after some time I do not want it to be marked as home any more, so is it possible to do something about it or it will be stored there for good? Your help would be very highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. If you‘d like, Feel free to e-mail me at: