Playing Videos On Twitterific

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Since I updated to 13.1.2 last week I have not been able to stop videos playing after watching them on Twitterific. Prior to updating I could watch a video and then either click on “Close” or do a two-finger double tap which would stop the video playing and take me back to my timeline. Now, when I click on “Close” the I return to my timeline but the audio from the video continues to play. When I do the two-finger double tap the video does not stop but the page for me to create a tweet opens! I have tried closing and then re-opening Twitterific to see if this gets the video to stop but it does not, even after several hours. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if the video automatically stopped after it had played once but the video just keeps playing on a constant loop, which previously stopped once you came out of the video. The only way I have found to stop the video is to completely shutdown my phone and re-start, which is a bit of a pain every time I want to open a video. Just wondering if anyone else has had this or similar problems and if there is any other solution other than to turn my phone off every time I go into a video or do I have to just stop playing videos?



Submitted by Raul on Thursday, October 17, 2019

They answered this on Twitter:
Yes, it’s a bug in iOS 13 that will be fixed in the next update. Please hang in there, apologies.