playing eppisodes on the My TWIT app

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all!

I have the My Twit app on my ipad, and I love it. But, I'm having a issue playing the 1st episode of a show.
For example, if I want to play a Security Now show, I'd click on it, and it won't play.
Here's an example:

Eppisode 576 Never a dull moment
Then I swipe down and it says last updated Aug. 29th
and has more eppisodes, which I can click on and play just fine.

My question is: Why can't I play the eppisone before the last updated? And it doesn't matter what show I click on. And I've tried everything, double-tap and hold, refreshing jo no avail. Other than this I love this app. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!