playing an album or Playlist on the fly in Spotify?

iOS & iPadOS

I've been with Spotify almost 3 years, and something I've not seen is the ability to start playing an album, or Playlist from the beginning like you see in Deezer, or the Apple Music app; you usually have a button among the Context menu options, that says "Play" or "Start Playing" without having to flick through the album or playlist tracks, until you can get to the first track of the list, in which via double-tapping it starts playing, bringing you to the Now_Playing screen, like you do on Spotify. Is there any workaround while Spotify implements this feature that really saves you time? All you want to do is listen to an album or Playlist, and not worry about what's the first song on it! Am ai the only one with this annoyance? That's the only Little thing Spotify needs to, in order to be a 100% accesible&funcional.