Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 controller, DJay 2 App and VoiceOver Pre-Cuing problem.

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I'm visually impared and thanks to the excellent DJay 2 software being completely accessible using VO (Voice Over) I'm once again pursuing my dream of becoming a DJ.

I've encountered a problem though.

I rely on VO to access my playlist of songs that I wish to play through my Pioneer WEGO3 controller. The problem comes in when pre-cuing. I of course don't want the VO messages being heard through the Master audio out, only through my headphones. What is the best setup for achieving this without having VO effecting the volume of the Master audio out?

I tried the following setup which works somewhat:

1. Connected my iPad to the WEGO3 controller.
2. Open the DJay 2 settings.
3. Open “Audio Device Setup.”
4. Set the main output to "Channel 3&4."
5. Set the pre cue output to "Channel 1&2."
6. Connected my headphones to the Master output of the WEGO3 (RCA connections in the back of unit.)
7. Connected my speakers to the 3.5mm headphone output of the WEGO3 (Connection on leftside of unit.)

Since all iOS system messages are sent through channel 1&2 this allowed me to hear VoiceOver messages through my headphones along with pre-cuing.

There is only one huge problem. Everytime VoiceOver is telling me something, all other channels are limited, so even the Master audio output will be limited (Volume drops 50 - 70%.) Returns to normal volume after VO stops speaking.

Does anyone here know of a work around? Any visually impared users of DJay 2 and the Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 controller using pre-cuing successfully with VO?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by david s on Thursday, July 2, 2015


I don’t use the equipment you mentioned but have you tried turning off audio ducking? Audio ducking lowers the volume so you can hear VO.

Just a thought.

Good luck.

Submitted by Kenny on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yes David, I did some Googling and came across this Audio Ducking option. Had to enable it on the Rotor first via the Settings, Accessibility, Voice Over panel to turn it Off. Think that did the trick. Now my little work around works a lot better without the audio being decreased everytime VO speaks.

Submitted by Kenny on Friday, July 3, 2015

Well after playing around all day with DJay 2 and my Pioneer WEGO3 I'm ready to go the next step.

Even though having the Master output routed through channels 3 and 4 (Which are the headphones on the Pioneer controller) and the pre-cuing output routed through channels 1 and 2 (Which are the RCA audio output connectors on the Pioneer) works, it's limiting me somewhat.

I'm hoping there is an accessible audio switching app similar to the excellent SoundFlower ( which is meant for the Mac only.

Such an app should allow me to route VO audio output directly through the DJay 2 app, and then have DJay 2 redirect it to the Pioneer channels 3 and 4.

Has to be such an app out there that can do this on the iPad. I mean all the musicians who use iOS devices to monitor instruments and such would get much use out of such an audio switching app. Anyone know of one that would work with VO?

Submitted by Scottsdale on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Not sure whether it'll help you route around this at all, but Audiobus might be of some use.

Keep us posted. Really interesting topic.