pikSpeak Cam : photos with audio tags - easy photo navigation

iOS and iPadOS

We made a camera app, pikSpeak Camera, that allows users to take photos with audio tags.
Luckily, the app came across a visually impaired gentleman, Markus. He said that it was a great app for him as he liked taking photos but it was difficult for him to browse older photos as iOS tagged the photos by Date and time of the image captured which can be difficult to remember. But using pikSpeak Camera, he can easily navigate through the pics as a user can audio tag pics all by himself. Now, it helps him to share his pics as well as photos with sound using pikSpeak Camera :-)

He even blogged about the same @ http://markusboettner.net/2014/04/24/ios-app-recommendation-pikspeak-ca…

Please try the App @ https://itunes.apple.com/app/pikspeak-camera-photos-sound/id556869571?m…

I also have a query for any developer reading this :
When viewing a single pic the custom audio tags work great, but during a UICollectionView display of the gallery, I would like to override the VoiceOver audio to the custom audio recorded. It would be great if the user hears the audio of the pic on selecting the cell in the grid view.