Phone won't always allow swiping

iOS & iPadOS

Hi. Since IOS8.3 came out I've found it often hard to swipe in many apps. Usually I can feel the items beneath my finger if I explore by touch but swiping seems not to allow me to move around the whole screen. Almost as if I'reached the bottom of the screen. It seems worse in IOS8.4 and I'm finding sometimes even explore by touch isn't working fully. I did wonder if my screen was faulty but I thought someone else on here said they were having similar issues. If anyone is having this probelm could you let us know on here please. It seems a little unpredictable as to which apps are affected. I'm not convinced it is the screen as the home screen always seem to work correctly. That said, my Ipad Mini 2 works fine from what I can tell. I've just turned on Voice Over sounds to see if that gives me any ideas. I'm using an Iphone 5S.



Submitted by Fiona on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4. When I try to delete a conversation in Messages by swiping the chat from right to left, there should be a red Delete button, but I cannot touch it correctly.