Pandora tips

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all,
Anyone have any tips on using the Pandora app on iOS? I recently got a free year of it with T-Mobile. However, I can't figure the app out.

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, August 31, 2018

FYI: you can use the free tier when your premium or Pandora Plus runs out if you decide you don't want to renew it.

You do not need to hit any favorite or add to favorites button to save a station. Go to the create station button which is usually at the top, or off to the side and double-tap it. You can either enter an artist or song, or you can cycle through the quite extensive list of genres for stations they have. If you type in your artist or song, do that and you can either hit search or drag your finger up the screen to the stations, swipe through them, until you find the one you want, double-tap on it, and it's automatically in your favorites and plays once you double-tap on it. Either way if accessible and easy to use, so it's just a matter of preference. Then once you have your station playing, go to the bottom of the screen, and you'll find the play/pause, thumbs up & down buttons and skip and I think a few other buttons. You can also explore the screen and find out what's playing, more stations like the 1 you're playing, and information about the artist that's playing at the time!!

You'll want to keep thumbing up/down because once you have so many thumbs-ups, Pandora crates a station called Thumbprint radio, that's filled with all your songs you thumbed up!!

If you want to delete a station, or change the label on it, or any other custom changes, go to the station, make sure the rotor is on the actions setting, and flick down and you'll hear: customize (name of artist) radio, and delete and double tap the 1 you want. You can also toggle sorting stations by date added and a-z!!

Sorry for the lengthiness of this, but I figured I'd give you as much as possible. Frankly, Pandora is a great accessible app! And if you sit down, mess with it, and just keep practicing using it, and exploring it, you will get the hang of it. You should also ask any friends/colleagues/family members that use Pandora for help too if you can too. Luckily, both my parents used Pandora, so I was able to get help wijh some ijuff on there. Once you figure out the Ui., I have no doubt that you'll love it! And if you have an Amazon Echo, you can link your account. You can use the Echo to: create stations, skip songs, thumb them up/down, and play/pause. And you can go into the Pandora section of your Alexa app, and customize stations and create stations from there. All you do there is click the link below each station to delete and customize.

I hope that I have been of at least some help to you!! Enjoy your free year of Pandora, curtesy of T-Mobile!!