Pairing Alva BC640 with iPod Touch, 5th Generation

iOS & iPadOS
Does anyone know what firmware version of the Alva BC640 one needs in order to connect to an iPod running iOS 6? All I can find is that I need the latest firmware version, but what is that and is it still the case that I'd need the latest? I just yesterday received a BC640 that I purchased used. Thanks!



Submitted by Paul Martin on Friday, August 9, 2013

First, the latest version of the firmware I've spotted for these devices is v2.10, this being on a device ordered late last year. If you're not sure how to find what one you have, press the down arrow along with the 2nd and 3rd buttons on your keypad, then up arrow till you find the entry in the resulting menu. As for updating? I've been told the most reliable way is to have it done by reseller, backed up by many claims of devices being bricked after the firmware update procedure failing on users' computers. Usage? Really nice! A lady's device I set up worked beautifully once I got it past the Voiceover braille section, right down to grade 2 translation and typing. In short: I want one!

Hi Paul and Anyone Interested! Thanks very much Paul for the Alva info. You can have my Alva BC640 for $1,350, including shipping. The braille cells are in great shape. The only thing about the unit is that the plastic cover for the spacebar key is missing. You'd likely have to update the firmware as well. I'm away from the display right now, so I can't check version, but will get back to you with that info if you're interested. I can be reached at dvm975 at Dave V