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iOS and iPadOS

I have iPad Pro with latest iPadOS
VO becomes very sluggish when documents are big, big not by far but some 15 pages andd more
When I enable tracking features and create comments it is worse and becomes almost unusable.
Is there any accessible Word Processor aside from Pages that I can use reliably?



Submitted by Edward Louie on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

There is voice dream writer and iA Writer, which work perfectly with voiceover, I do not recommend Microsoft Word or Google Docs because there has been numerous accessibility issues such as when dictating with voiceover, Microsoft Word does not capture the entire sentence, when deleting text on Google Docs, voiceover will only say selection deleted. So I will only recommend these two apps, but voice dream reader and I a Writer cost $8.99 respectively, so choose only one, if you can afford it, sorry, I don’t have any recommendations on free alternatives, maybe other users on this form have other recommendations, I have tried two different free apps such as word and Google Docs, but Pages starts to have problems after updating to iOS 15.2. Remember to choose wisely, If you have the option to choose between ia writer and voice dream writer, I would recommend voice dream reader for a try.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Depends on your workflow. If you write stuff mostly yourself, Ulysses is a good app. If you need to work with documents from others, I've found Google Docs be quite good on iPad.