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Hey! I’m having a problem with Overcast. I’ve subscribed to the shows that I want to play and I have continuous play turn on. But it is not wanting to continuously play episodes. I have the keep unplayed episode limits set to 10, continuous play setting turned on, I have subscribed to the show .
Basically I’ve done everything I can think of but it still will not play episodes continuously. I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but I have my delete episodes when they are completed turned on and the episodes are only supposed to stream I have that setting turned on. The only way that I can get it to continuously play episodes is if I put them in queue. Used to play episodes continuously once I figured out that I got to subscribe to the shows and have make it work, but now it’s not doing it. Any help would be appreciated as it’s been driving me nuts. Thank you in advance



Submitted by Niall Gallagher on Sunday, April 28, 2019

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Hi there,

In addition to what you have already done, you can play episodes from the All episodes view.
To do this, double tap the name of the podcast you want to play, flick around until you find All, it’s between Unplayed and Settings, and then all the available episodes will be listed on the screen.

You can also add all episodes to the Unplayed view.
You can do this by double tapping the All button located in the top right corner of your screen when in the podcast, but please note, this button is only available when you are viewing All of the available episodes as described in the step above.

Hope this helps,

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Sunday, April 28, 2019

I tracked the first suggestion above. But I don’t think I’ve tried the other one. Thanks I have to try that. Because it’s getting annoying. And I don’t want to switch to another podcast app because this one has very good voiceover support Not to mention the customizations are really great too!

Submitted by Marco Arment on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hi, I'm the developer of Overcast. What's happening is actually by design, but it may not be what you want.

Continuous play will only go between episodes of the current playlist, or the selected podcast if you're not playing from a playlist. Once it reaches the end of the current playlist or podcast, it doesn't go to another one.

It works as you expect for the Queue because the Queue is just a smart playlist that contains all episodes of all podcasts by default.

If you've changed the Queue settings not to do that, you can replicate the original behavior by simply creating a new Smart Playlist and saving it without changing any of its settings. That will then automatically contain all unplayed episodes of all of your podcasts, which will continuously play from one episode to the next.