An overall camera/video camera question

iOS and iPadOS
Hi All, Just wanted to get your thoughts on what would be the best app to take pics with on the iPhone, the camera app, or any third party apps? I downloaded the Instagram app, which when you take a pic, gives you an option to write a caption, to I guess, indicate if a blind person was looking at a pic on Facebook, what the pic was. I also downloaded the Guided Photo Pro app, which gives spoken directions on where to point the camera while trying to take the picture. Do any of you label your pictures, and if so, do you have to label them in the camera roll, or bothe camera roll, and photos app? What are your opinions on taking pictures as a whole? Do you use the camera app itself, or a third party app of some sort? Also, what about recording video? Is there an app that will tell how to position the video camera while recording, or is that just a hypothesis one has to make, and practice with? Thanks for your feedback, Shane.



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi The iPhone 4S running iOS 5 or later using the camera app by itself offer many features, face reclination, label editing and more. About the video is pity much the same to previous iPhones models. What iPhone model do you have?

Hello Shan right here have the info how to costumize labels and see the new feature the iOS five Fast five, five new features in iOS iOS camera accessibility Hope this helps.