Odd Behavior in Lire when Caching Articles

iOS and iPadOS
Hello, everyone. When I open Lire, it automatically performs a feed refresh an then caches new articles. If I immediately go to "Settings -> Caching Options" and activate the "Cache All Uncached"button, Lire once more performs an article cache even when I am certain no new articles have arrived in the time between the first and second cache. There should be no need to cache articles this second time since the auto-refresh and cache took place only seconds before when Lire was opened. I can reproduce this scenario whenever I open Lire. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I am using Lire v. 1.9.21 on an iPhone 5 running iOS 3.1.4. The "Automatic Caching" button under "Settings -> Caching Options" is definitely on. Thank you for all help. Craig



Submitted by Craig Werner on Thursday, June 6, 2013

This problem has been fixed in Version 1.9.22. In this version, Lire refreshes feeds and then pauses five seconds before caching starts. This pause ensures that articles will be properly saved to disk before a caching operation begins. However, please do not downloadthis version as there appears to be a bug that prevents Lire from fetching new articles. Craig