OCR App Voice – Another Update (Version 4.1)

iOS and iPadOS

Hey guys–awesome announcement! I've received a lot of messages noting all the different bugs and issues with the current version of Voice. Thanks for finding and reporting them all to me, it makes it a lot easier to correct them and build a better version for you guys. Version 4.1 just went live on the App Store and I just wanted to post some of the really awesome stuff that I added into Voice.

Firstly, I fixed a lot of the major bugs from the last version:
1. Fixed a bug where a photo is taken automatically even without the user pressing the button.
2. Fixed a bug where the internet connection error appears even when the connection is fine.
3. Fixed a bug where the voice commands sometimes stop working.
4. Fixed a bug where Voice switches to speakers when connected to headphones.
5. Fixed overall crashes and improved performance.

The more fun stuff is the new features I've added to the product:
1. Voice reads handwritten text! It can even read handwritten text that is written in cursive with messy handwriting!
2. New setting that lets you turn off the default Text-to-Speech. If you choose, you can have VoiceOver do all the reading.
3. Automatic language detection! The OCR will automatically find and detect the language of your text, so you can read documents that contain text with multiple languages! Although the default text-to-speech doesn't fluently switch between languages, if you let VoiceOver do the reading, it can fluently switch between languages.
4. Improved accessibility. Moving VoiceOver over certain buttons and elements now give more helpful hints and make it easier to figure out how to use certain features.
5. added Hebrew to the list of languages that the default Text-to-speech can speak in.
6. Export the text and image to other apps or save it to notes!

Here is the link to the app on the iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voice-take-picture-have-it/id903772588?….

Let me know what you guys think!

My email is shalinvs@gmail.com.

As always, I am open to any suggestions and feedback, feel free to be as brutal as you like. I will respond to every email. I plan to bring even more exciting stuff in the very near future.

Lastly, it would really help me if you guys could share with your friends and write a quick review on the app store. The downloads are what allows me to support adding awesome new features and making sure that Voice is by far the best product for the lowest price. I'm making it a strong goal to make powerful technology as easily accessible as possible without letting developers charge ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre apps.

Thank you for your time.