obsession with voices

iOS and iPadOS

hello everyone, each year we have this long list of what we would like to see in the next IOS version, and every year, the wish for voices comes up, such as eloquence. I would like to know, why is it when we all know that apple is not going to put voices like eloquence into voiceover, why is it that some just seem to obsess over that every year. you know that new voices like eloquence are not going to be added, so why obsess over it.



Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, May 25, 2019

Plainly put, someone wants the Mac novelty voices, which I personally wish I could remove, on our devices. It's bad enough we have fred. Yes, i know it's the most robotic sounding. Yes, I know that it's also used in the Mac when reinstalling, updating etc. If there was a way to go through the voices, say using Fred to pick the one you wanted, then all other voices could be deleted. Yes, I realized a flaw just now in my argument. If all voices but the one you chose were deleted, what would happen with no speech. Personally, if I never see the voices topic come up again, that would make life better. we all have our choices so, I just smile and keep walking.

Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, May 26, 2019

Subject is pretty accurate. I'll fully admit to having an obsession with all things audio these days, lol. But I totally understand where others are coming from and won't be disappointed in the least if those novelty voices are kept off iOS. I've used a lot of them though, and they're quite entertaining. But I think I'll just stick to what I've got. I'm loving all my toys even if the voicemail issue is going to plague me still.