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hi :c I was wondering whether anyone could recommend any apps for object recognition? like tap tap see etc thanks you in advance sarah



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, October 3, 2013

digit eyes tap tap c

Submitted by Amber on Thursday, October 3, 2013

I usually use taptapsee and vizwiz. I know vizwiz has been acting crazy lately, but I've used it recently and I've gotten some answers from them that were useful. They just had an app update though and I haven't tried it quite yet. I'm not sure about the other apps. Tatapsee is really my number-one go-to for all the object recognition stuff. Oh yeah, I heard CamFind is cool too. I haven't messed with it a whole lot but you might try it.

Submitted by DPinWI on Thursday, October 3, 2013

If you are willing to put in a little time setting things up, LookTel Recognizer is a good tool too. It won't tell you what something new and unknown is, like VizWiz or Tap Tap See, but for previously identified things, it's great.

Submitted by Kyle on Thursday, October 3, 2013

there also is talking goggles. but i've noticed that works better with text recognition rather than specific object identification.

Submitted by Mark SARCH on Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Description Talking Goggles can recognize images and speaks out what it finds. - Recognizes almost any image within seconds. Logos, landmarks, books, products, artwork, text and more.. - Shows the description of the image and speaks it out to you. - Speaks it out using the correct accent of your selected language. - Includes a torchlight to assist in reading. - Video mode. Talking Goggles will continuously check the video stream for any familiar images, and will present it and speak it out when it finds something. - Easy copy function. Use goggles as a scanner/translator and use the results in any other application. - Look up more details on the image found by doing a direct search. Or, if it is a product, check where it is available nearby, and show a price comparison. Don't know the name of that actor on that poster? Just point your camera at it and Talking Goggles will tell you! Want to find out if that product is really the cheapest around? Take a picture and let Talking Goggles do a comparison for you. Point Talking Goggles at a logo, and you will be told the name of the company after which you can do a search for it. Talking Goggles is particularly good at recognizing book covers and posters. Try it out!

Submitted by angel wings on Thursday, October 3, 2013

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hey :c thank you all muchly, i'll have a look in to thesex i got tap tap see and it works well for object recognition. i'll most likely try out talking goggles to help with text next. thankies again sarah :)

Submitted by Kyle on Thursday, October 3, 2013

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i guess i never really tried it specifically for identifying objects. might just have to do a test on which one is better. tap tap c or goggles.

Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Sunday, October 6, 2013

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I know that not everybody will have had the same experience as me… But I have to say as far as object recognition Tap Tap See has been the winner hands down for me. I tried talking goggles out but was only able to get fragments of information. In my case… Tap tap see has been much more reliable.

For text recognition, text detective is just brilliant. It has got everything. from random papers at my doorstep to various screens, including computers, thermostat displays etc. Its just great. And tap tap see aswell. Together, they work very good.

Submitted by Santiago on Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello, Besides the Money Reader from Looktel, I think TapTapSee does all of the object recognition right. Some of the other apps, such as VizWiz take a long time for a response and or are very inaccurate.

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