Notifications not working with the Overcast app; and is there help documentation for this app?

iOS and iPadOS


I have installed the app called Overcast on my iPhone, with iOS11.4 installed.

1. I have activated the notifications in the Overcast settings, and also checked that Overcast is allowed to send me notifications in the iPhone Settings>Notifications. All is OK.

I not receive notifications from Overcast when podcasts I am subscribed to release new episodes.

Is there an error in Overcast?

2. I also have problems when I will setup play lists etc. in Overcast, but I not can find a help file for the app.

Is there an help file?

Thanks in advance for the answers, and have a nice day.




Submitted by Jesse Anderson on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Funny you should bring up Overcast. I just decided to try it the other day again, and have been using it quite a bit over the past few days. Sped up audio doesn't sound terrible any more. Yay!

Notifications should be working, as far as Overcast goes. I've received a couple notifications last night and this morning about new podcast episodes.

There are a couple of places where you can change notification settings. You can go to Overcast's settings area, and Notifications to quickly enable and disable notifications per podcast. You can also do it when looking at a specific podcast feed.

Otherwise it might be an IOS push notification thing? You may want to use the Feedback or contact link within the app to see if the developer has any ideas.

Submitted by Tree on Thursday, June 21, 2018

I have been trying dozens of podcast services looking for the best. Lately I have had Pocket Casts, Overcasts, and the native iOS podcast app running with my podcast library. The topic of which service is best is very very complex and it depends on what features you need, so I won't touch on that here. I will say, however, that with these three apps running on my phone at the same time I can say that Overcast comes in a distant third when it comes to notifications. Pocket Casts has the best notifications by far, alerts seem to come in almost exactily when episodes drop. Apple's podcast app updates at most once an hour, I believe, so notifications go off in hourly chunks, but they do come through reliably. Overcast seems to often just forget that it has new episodes. I will say, even though I find Overcast pretty bad on iOS, it does have one of the better web apps for the desktop.

Hi again

Thanks for your answers above.

1. I still not receive notifications from the Overcast podcast-app. All settings is fine.

2. I have tried to contact the developer (I pay for a subscribtion), but I not see an answer from the developer. I both have tried to write via Twitter and the feedback mail-address.

Has any person another contact to the Overcast developer?

3. Can I adjust the Overcast podcast-app, so the podcast where the newest episodes is downloaded will be the first podcast on the main screen (e.g. if I have 3 podcasts, and not can find what podcast there is last updated)?

Thanks in advance for the answer.