Not seeing all albums on Spotify.

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Hello everyone,
I am not sure if this is an issue with the Spotify app itself, but for some reason I am not seeing all the albums on my favorite artist's profile. This issue happens regardless weather Voiceover is turned on or off. However, I am able to view all the albums clearly on Apple Music. The artist I listen too all the time has 17 albums on Spotify and on Apple Music he has over 30 albums or something. Lol. I am using the latest versions of Spotify on a desktop computer running the latest version of Windows 10, Mac Book Air running MacOS BigSur 11.4, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPod Touch (7th generation) running iOS 14.6, iPad Mini 4 running iPadOS 14.6 and an Apple Watch Series 4 running WatchOS 7.5. I did mention this issue when I wrote an app review in the app store, but that was several months ago. Could it be that all his albums are appearing on Spotify over time? I don't think Spotify has a limited number of albums that artists can upload. However, on Apple Music an artist can upload as many albums as they want. Lol. Here are the links to the profiles:
Apple Music:



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Thursday, June 3, 2021

Hi there!

I think I know where your issue is, with regards to the Spotify app. I don't subscribe to Apple Music, so I can't speak for that service.
However, I was able to check the Spotify profile, and I think I know where your issue is.

First, go to your artist's profile, double-tap on it, and turn your rotor to headings. Once you do those things, flick down with 1 finger until you hear the heading that says, featuring artists name. Once you get there, swipe left once with 1 finger. When you do, you should hear a button that says see discography. Double-tap on that, turn your rotor back to headings, and you'll see the headings for latest release, singles and EP.s, and albums. If you want to scroll through whatever list is in one of those headings, just swipe right with 1 finger.

This is how you do it on the IOS and ipad-OS. side of things. I don't know anything about how Spotify works on either a PC or Mac. But, I imagine you could get to the see discography button and hit it.

Hope this helps!

Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Thursday, June 3, 2021

On Spotify after I double tapped the button that says "See discography" I was able to find all of the available albums by using the Voiceover rotor to rotate around to headings, then I swiped down until I heard Voiceover say "Albums." When I went through the list I only counted 17 albums that were released starting from the year 1995. However, after I opened the artist's profile on Apple Music and I double tapped on the button that says "see all" I went through the list and counted 27 albums in total. Then I double tapped on the back button and swiped down until I heard Voiceover say "compilations." I went through the list and counted 4 compilations. I swiped down again and found a heading that says "Appears on." and discovered one more album. I discovered that the artist has 32 albums altogether. Looks like some of his albums that are still available on Apple Music became unavailable on Spotify for some reason, but that happened several years ago. Lol. I think he should be able to release most of the albums that are still available on Apple Music back on Spotify.

Maybe he chose to only put some of his albums on Spotify. I'm not sure.
I know that an artist can take their songs ofs Spotify, only because of that debackle with Taylor Swift.
Or maybe he hasn't gotten around to putting the rest of his 32 albums on Spotify yet.