not getting all notifications

iOS and iPadOS

I've noticed I'm not getting all of my notifications. For example someone will send me a text and my phone will not notify me. The only way I know someone text me is if I go into my messages and see it, this doesn't happen all the time just sometimes. Another problem I've noticed is that my phone will not ring everytime someone calls me. I'll get notified of a voicemail and I'll be like why didn't my phone ring? The person on the other end tells me that it rings on their end. Again this doesn't happen everytime just occasionally.
I have an iPhone SE running ios 12.3.1. Any ideas?



Submitted by Paul on Thursday, June 6, 2019

The phone call issue sounds like a problem I had a while ago. If your mobile service provider supports it, try enabling voice over LTE or Wi-Fi calling. That may also help with the messaging issue.

Submitted by Ekaj on Thursday, June 6, 2019

A sister and I have been experiencing kinda the opposite of what is mentioned here. That is, our voicemail indicators won't sound and neither will my government alerts. We both have the iPhone 7, so I'm assuming her government alerts haven't been working either but I think we all know what happens when people assume things, lol. I recently called AT&T about this, and the representative with whom I spoke reset my voicemail but the problem still persists. She lives with our parents and they recently cut the cord, so she's kinda out of luck on this one until she learns more stuff from me and our tutor at Second Sense here in the Windy City. But I still have my land-line phone connected, so I can access voicemail that way. In addition, I can tap on "Call voicemail" on my iPhone but still I think this needs to be sorted out.