NoSquint for iPhone - The best Dial app for visually impaired and Blind users

iOS and iPadOS

NoSquint Rethinks the Phone App

Fullscreen Face Dialer & Large Talking Dial Pad. Dial while busy doing something else or without even looking at the screen. NoSquint is developed to help the visually impaired and blind users relying only on their hearing senses to dial new or saved contacts. Identify contacts not just by their names, pictures and phone numbers but also by their own voice. NoSquint allows you to voice tag your contacts and share them easily with your friends. Share your contact cards by email including your recorded voice tags. Get creative, record a cool message, add a nice picture and update your friends NoSquint phonebook. Create and share different contact cards with family and friends.

  • Fullscreen Face dialer: Swipe right & left to browse contact cards, listen to recorded voice tags and double tap anywhere on the screen to make a call. The call button is no longer a small button it is the whole screen.
  • Large Dial Pad: Discover the dial pad by swiping your finger over the numbers. While holding your finger, numbers are spoken out loud and only selected once released. Hold the call button to listen to the number you are about to dial and tap to call. Dial Pad could be easily disabled in settings.

Adding a contact could be quite difficult to someone with low vision or someone not so familiar with smart phones. Send him/her customized contact cards. Update your picture, record a new message and send it to your mom: "Hey Mom, I miss you. Tap Tap Call me!" Have fun with NoSquint: Ask your friends to guess whose voice is it without looking at the contact picture.


  • Create cool fullscreen contact cards
  • Record short messages to voice tag your contacts
  • Listen to voice tags and dial without looking at the screen
  • Dial by listening to the large talking dial pad
  • Share your customized contact cards by email


Download the app for free following this link: all the app description on: www.nosquint.comWatch two of our creative animation ads on: We truly hope that the app will catch your attention and would change the life of someone in need. 




Submitted by Surfels on Thursday, March 21, 2013

In reply to by Isaac Hebert (not verified)

Check it out. Yes you can downloaded for free and check all the features of the app. However to add more than two contacts, you have to upgrade to pro version Check out a full app demonstration:

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