No degrees symbol on the IOS platform

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Hi all. I went to tell someone how blistering cold it is, and realized I didn't know where the degrees symbol is. I then looked later, and found outthere's not one in either the numbers, or the more symbols screens. I wonder why the droid, as a friend pointed out, has it. if I'm mistaken please tell me where it is.



Submitted by Steve Holmes on Friday, January 18, 2013

I don't know how helpful this is, but on my RefreshaBraille 18 Braille display, I can get a degree symbol by pressing the dot 7 and dot 8 keys together; note I had to be in uncontracted Braille to do this. I have no idea what keys on a standard keyboard would do this. So far, I've only seen this while in key describer mode and I never actually tried inputting this into any text.

Hi! It's great that the write of the previous comment can put the degrees symbol on his i-device by inputting it with a braille display, but many of us i-device users don't have one of those, so if anyone can find the degrees symbol within the keyboards on their i-devices, please let us know, unless, of course, there actually isn't such a symbol at all, as suggested by the title of this forum thread..

Hi Sean, forgiveme if I spelled your name wrong, for some reason my spelling is god awful today. the only tricky thing is holding the zero when you have standward typing inabled, where the second you let go the character shows up. Thanks very much for notmaking me nuts. I am that far as it is. I also wanted to say hi to claire, thi s is Siobhan we used to be twitter pals.