New to Overdrive and have some questions

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all!

I've got a few questions. I got signed up with my local library and I got a book to figure out how to work Overdrive. And I've got a couple questions.

1. How do you read a book? I've figured out how to get a book, and download a book, but not reading it. It's an Epub book, so, I don't know if that's any help.
2. I think I seen something that said you could read Overdrive with your Kindle. Is it possible? If so, how do you enable it? Will it be easier and more accessible to read books that way?
3. I see where you can sign up for Adobe Id. Do I need to do that? And are Drm. and copy protected books accessible via Voiceover?

I've figured out how to work Flipster, and downloading a book from Overdrive. And I think that if you've got patience, and you actually really take the time to sit down and figure out the workarounds, and what the unbabeled buttons are, you'll have a good experience. However, based on my 1st admitedly limited experience, (I just got my info today), there's plenty of room for improvement.
Any help is appreciated! I've been staring at Overdrive trying to figure this out for quite a while now. Thanks in advance!