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Good morning all, and happy holidays to the Applevis team! well want some fantastic news? I've just placed my order for my very first tablet, iPad mini with Retina Display! This is a treat for myself since I did not get one for Christmas. Also as they say New Year, new start! Colour is silver and storage is a wopping 128 GB so I can store all my ever expanding music and other data on there! So what do you think? Any comments greatly appreciated! Please be gentle as new to tablet computing. Thanks!



Submitted by Ro on Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hi! I finally caved and got one too, but just the 16gb since I use iTunes Match. I've been so resistant to an iPad because I've been like, but I have an iPhone, why do I need more? Haha. I just went to Best Buy on Thursday and picked it up because once I decided I wanted it I didn't want to wait. I love it! Yesterday I was on it pretty much all day, playing and customizing, streaming videos and music, even half a movie and the battery only got down to 34%. It's also really nice to listen to media and not have to mute VO for when notifications and texts and such come in. I'm really not using it for communication at all so there's no more interruptions, awesome. I think you'll enjoy it; I know I do!

Hi. Ok first off, if I could swing the 128 storage option, even if I didn't fill it, I'd be like, that's so cool. Lol. Second, I'm wishing I didn't buy the iPad two a couple of years back, that one with 64 gigs. I know you can't always have the latest and greatest, but especially since the conectors were the same at teh time, and now i have one lightning one, my phone, and two 30 pin ones, the iPad and my Bose dock. I didn't really want to spend the thirty bucks for the adapter but i might. The only other bad thing is I'm not sure the 2 can handle the IOS seven and if it does, is that the last one. Now if only I could find the charger, my brother seems to have lost it. Question to whoever just bought it, can you really notice a difference with it having two stereo speakers? I do admit to liking that. :) congrats to you two.

The only other iPad experience I have is brief, with a hand-me-down first generation which is actually the reason I bought a new one haha! I wanted to be able to do all the things the first gen can't do like iTunes radio, plus it was soooooo sloooooow. I noticed a difference in the speaker volume right away with the first gen compared to my iPhone 5S. Honestly the iPad Mini doesn't really seem to sound any better than the first generation, though honestly I haven't compared them side by side. One thing I am finding super frustrating is moving apps. It is so much harder than it is on the iPhone. I. Just. Want. Audible. In. The. Dock. Is that too much to ask? Hahaha! Oh and having matching charging cables is definitely a huge plus.

Submitted by John newton on Monday, December 30, 2013

Hi there I have a iPad mini which is fantastic I used to have the previous generation full size iPad but found that too heavy after a while of using it, I was worried about going down a screen size but it is not a issue and I love the lightness of it. For Christmas my other half bought me a iPad Air which is just as amazing and I love how light and thin it is. I think as a first tablet you made the right choice I would have said that regardless of what size or capacity you had got, have fun.

Submitted by John newton on Monday, December 30, 2013

Hi Chris it is me with 2 iPad's and as I said Ihad th previous full size iPad but found it too heavy so got the mini and loved it. I had a go of the Air in the Apple store and loved it also because of the weight, I use my mini mostly if I go somewhere it's the perfect size to just carry around in a back pack or something, it's only the wifi model but I use personal hotspot to connect it to my iPhone and it works faultlessly or of course I can jump on a wifi spot.

Submitted by Ro on Monday, December 30, 2013

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I have two as I stated in my post because I was given a first generation iPad and realized they come in handy. I used to think I didn't need one with an iPhone and well I don't *need* but it is nice to have a second device. The reason I bought an iPad Mini is because the first generation only goes up to iOS 5 and it was incredibly slow. It froze up all the time, the music app crashed, VO was incredibly laggy and it didn't have iTunes radio. I'm good on tech for a long time now, that's for sure.