New Facebook v.66 -- None of our complaints addressed

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Hi guys,
I just updated to FB v.66 hoping for at least some of the recently discussed VO bugs to be addressed, but no such luck. Still can't access replies to comments. Still doesn't announce web link info in posts. And with a new feature comes a new accessibility failure -- Marketplace. You may have noticed a new tab at the bottom of the app for the Marketplace , what appears to be Facebook's answer to Craig's List or eBay. Unfortunately, all you'll hear when browsing the listings is the price of items -- no titles, descriptions or anything that would help blind users. Double tapping to open a listing isn't a whole lot better, with lots of unlabeled elements, but you will eventually find details on the item. Anyway, it's starting to increasingly feel like our access needs are becoming an afterthought rather than an initial design consideration -- or in some cases, we seem not to be considered at all.

Sorry if my tone seems pessimistic, but I'm genuinely concerned Facebook's commitment to accessibility is waning. We may need to take stronger action such as NFB involvement or an organized email writing campaign or online petition. I don't feel like we are being heard



Submitted by alex wallis on Saturday, October 8, 2016

I have been saying for years facebook isn't that bothered about accessibility, despite the fact they employ a blind engineer. I even tried reaching out to him personally through a facebook message about my personal biggest annoyance with facebook this was that when searching for someone you couldn't tell who you were going to add from the search results screen. this issue seems to have been partly fixed, though when I search now all the names and other elements are showing as dimmed to VoiceOver apart from add friend, so I can't easily pop into a profile and see publicly viewable information. also, facebook access don't exactly make it easy to submit issues, I don't want to fill out a huge form, I would far rather send them a free style email like I can with apple, and when I have submitted feedback in the past it hasn't been acted on, I am convinced that the only reason the issue I raised with mat king has at least been partly sorted is because I raised it personally, at the time he said he thought the issue was fixed, but clearly they hadn't tested fixes at the time properly and there is still an issue in this area even now. I hardly ever bother with facebook as it is, and there lack luster commitment to accessibility makes me want to bother even less with it. all I can suggest is have people tried contacting facebook access? I did see them respond when someone on my timeline tweeted them though how much notice they took I don't know. Maybe applevis should try to do another interview with mr king, and this time I think maybe the community should have a say in questions and issues raised with him if he is willing.

Submitted by Larry on Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yeah I noticed that and I sent another bug report about it.