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So far, the new Facebook app looks great! But here's one thing I've noticed: When I press the sort button from within newsfeeds, then select "most recents" and press the "done" button, I get cicked out to the home screen. So, we tried with VO off, where it worked just fine. But when we turned VO on again, whoosh! Out to the home screen. So, as great as the concept of the new app seems, I can't see it being very useful until they address this issue. Anyone else noticing this problem? Regards, TD



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Friday, August 24, 2012

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Tom, If you get a chance try heading over to the actual Facebook app post. Several people have commented on your finding. So if it helps you are not alone! HTH

Like many of you, I was excited at first with the new Facebook app only to be disappointed once I realized all the problems with the new Facebook app, mainly, your Timeline doesn't show more than 15 posts, and no way to get to newer posts or older posts. Additionally, Facebook broke something on their website earlier in the week, where now I have absolutely no way to write anything and hear what I am writing. To post to Facebook on a mac using their website and Mountain Lion, I now have to write what I want to say in an email, copy it and paste it in the What's Happening Field, as I go to it, and Voiceover reads What's Happening Now Combo Box. It seems to mention this combo box thing on every text field. It blows my mind how backwards Facebook is going with accessibility. Absolutely little improvement. I guess our campaign of the month did nothing as it seems Facebook goes out of its way to ignore blind people and the use of screen readers. I am so happy to see their stock be in the toilet, and hope it continues that way.

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Friday, August 24, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

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Hi Blindgator, I actually came to a different conclusion about our campaign of the month. It seems to me like our campaign was quite effective. While the app certainly has issues (some of them are pretty big ones, I admit) the parts that are accessible appear to have been done pretty nicely. My guess is that they did as much as they could with accessibility in this release but that they were on a deadline. The way I see it...some accessibility is better than no accessibility.

I updated the Facebook application on my iPad but I didn't updated on my iPhone and I'm not planning to after the big disappointment if Facebook had time to work with everything else it also had time to deal with accessibility I'm not going to give them the thumbs up on that one. I do agree that the people who designed the application are not visually impaired so they don't really know how well will the application work with screen readers. I do hope they can come up with an update soon especially for the contact I really would not enjoy not being able to know which contact I'm flicking my finger on top of with the newsfeed for now I'll use voice book I contacted Facebook in the past many times and I never got a reply or response from them did this ever happened to anyone else was it just me? I hope Facebook can be more accessible ASAP or else I'm just going to have to use my Twitter which is very accessible to me

Hi folks, It seems facebook has made a few strides, however broke our access to our friends list. I will never understand why there are those who believe this app should still be a work in progress. When it was more text based it worked great. With every subsequent release it has made us feel like second class citizens. While Improvements in one screen or another are made, others are broken. Is it my understanding there is supposed to be some sort of legislation forcing companies such as facebook to be totally accessible? We use social networking too. One would think with their eminent integration with IOS they would be required to maintain standards of accessibility. What good does it do, as an example to accept a friend request or send one if one can't access it if it is approved? I make great use of my friends list in order to chat & send messages. I read little news on facebook anymore. It is too cluttered with pictures. I get most of my news from twitter, who, by the way finally got their accessibility act together. I am told in an above post a page has been set up specifically for visually impaired users complaints. First, We have to be constructive if we expect them to take notice. Second, there needs to be enough of us; hopefully with the backing of companies such as serotech for them to listen. If the previous poster would please repost the name of the page, I would greatly appreciate it. I realize we all use facebook or any other social network in different ways. However we use it should be open to us. Thanks for reading.

Submitted by Jordan Gallacher on Monday, August 27, 2012

I have opened up the new Facebook app once or twice, and one glaring problem came out. The friends list appears to be inaccessible. I hope their stocks stay in the dump until they get accessibility right.

Submitted by Felix on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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And I miss facebook 3 app, it's minimalistic and accessible design It was really fun to use, and i could always see the last notification at the bottom...

Hi everyone! Just to comment on a few things here. The combo box VoiceOVer won't work with on OS X seems to be a multiline combo box. I don't understand the new change because their edit field worked just fine for autocompletion, but it seems to change all across the site including their support center. What's also interesting is that VoiceOVer works well with combo boxes in my experience, except these. I find it quite easy to get more than 10 posts from the news feed. Placing your finger on the last post in the list, you can double tap and hold then drag your finger upwards. This is how the sighted users do it also, though I'm used to doing it from top to bottom in other applications. One huge improvement is that the application actually knows how to go to the right notification now. In the past, tapping on the Facebook notification from the lock screen would often just bring you to the news feed or wherever you left off in the application. Now it brings you straight to the item the notification applies to. I also find the push notifications are a hell of a lot more reliable than previously. I'm actually notified of what goes on, as opposed to only being notified of comments and messages despite my settings. One thing I do find odd is that when you seem to review individual timelines such as my own, it reverts back to the old-style HTML5 view where everything behaves like the website. This is pretty annoying, actually. Another thing I hate about this application is that the friend list does not read for me. When I tap the App Launcher, then tap Friends, it reads the letters that I'm scrolling to but not the actual friend I'm on. I think I've pretty much said what I've been thinking of this app. I love it, but there's these few things I think really deserve some attention.

Submitted by Doctor D on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Has anyone else had this problem? You go in to the facebook app, and then double tap on the friends link. I see the different capital letters and their headings, but I can not see the names of my friends in this new app. What in God's name did they do to screw it all up?

Submitted by Maria on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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HI. I agree with the poster that said notifications are better, and it's pretty good that you can go straight to the notification. so, at the moment, I use Facebook for notifications, facely and voice book for other stuff. lol It seems to work but would be nice if the friend's list became accessible again.

Submitted by pammyj55kc on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The friends list in the new facebook app, at least on my ipad is done in a grid rather than a list. There is more of an emphasis on friends profile pictures. In my opinion, even if notifications work, the app is useless if one can not interact successfully with friends. Were it not for family on facebook, I would dump my account. Has anyone posted the link to this site when contacting facebook? They need to see everyone's issues in order to correct them on a broad scale if they give a crap. If they do not, there are means to make them give a crap. However it can not be one person. It needs to be a group or organization presenting their accessibility issues. Like it or not, facebook & twitter have become ingrained in our society as means of communication. They will either make it totally accessible or one day wish they had.

Something I found out about the friends list if you may wanna tag your friends in a post. If you go to choose friends, then in that edit box, type your friends name first and last, then flick right, your friends name won't be read, but tap in the area, and Vo will say selected, and your friends name. One thing I noticed about the new Fb app and my iPad 3, is when I go to type my status, as I'm writing, I get a message saying alert, and I can't type anything, then I go to cancel, and I get a message saying don't save or cancel. Anyone else had these problems with Fb and the iPad?

Submitted by Felix on Sunday, September 9, 2012

arseholes from Facebook have rather concern in preventing its users from sending friend requests than in delivering a high-quality service. I've reported on inaccessible notes editing but they never addressed this issue. I can't understand why can't they eliminate all accessibility bugs in iOS app after years of reports on issues there? I have an impression that they create this problems deliberately. You might say that you can't believe that, but I'm damn sure that arseholes who intrude upon our privacy by preventing us from sending friend requests to people we want are able to create obstacles for visually impaired users. I hope they'll drown in that toilet...

If you know the name of the friend you are looking for in the friend list in the facebook app then you can enter the first few letters of their name in the search field at the top and then flick right and double tap. How do you go about tagging a friend in a post? Do you type the first few characters in the status box?

Hi Neo, After writing your status just above the keyboard, you'll find the choose riends button. Tap it, type in your friends name, then flick right, VO will not say nothing, but double tap give just a second or two, and VO will then say the friends name. Tap done, then post, and there you have it.

Submitted by Felix on Thursday, November 8, 2012

Facebook 5.1 has been released. It appears friends list is accessible now, but when opened, it says that I have no friends yet. But I have many. Does anybody have any clues? Thanks in advance

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