a new app I wish to bring under your attention: eskom se push

iOS and iPadOS

HI applevis. I wish to bring a new app under your attention. its called eskom se push. I have searched for the app on your site but were told no results so I thought of telling you about this app. I realize that only blind people in south Africa will benefit from this app but I'm sure there is a lot of blind people in south Africa so they might come across this app while on your website. currently we have in south Africa what is called load shedding. Because there is problems with the supply of electricity in south Africa including unrest, there is periods when the power goes off. Eskom cannot supply electricity to everyone at the same time. Each town in south Africa has a different schedule for load shedding. so the eskom app gives information when there will be load shedding. As for the app's name? eskom is the name of south Africa's electricity supplier. The word se is the Afrikaans word for 's. so instead of saying eskom's push its called eskom se push. And I don't know what the push stands for. The app is totally user friendly for a blind person. So far I haven't came across unlabeled buttons on this app. the app is easy to navigate with voice over. I hope this info is of use to you. regards