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Hi Friends,

I've just released a new app for blind and visually impaired users, it's called assistEyes Wallet and it's available at https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1192100421?at=11l32CC&ct=app…

Here's some info describing the app:

assistEyes Wallet is a single location for you to securely store and access all of the printed info you carry in your wallet, digitally, and fully accessible. Copy and paste, or manually enter all of your card content once, and then access it forever from one simple and secure location. Built from square one with blind and visually impaired users in mind, it has full support for VoiceOver as well as iOS dynamic text settings. What's more, it includes both a light and dark color theme, plus a special mode that turns individual item text extra large when you rotate your device sideways. Access to your data can be protected by an in-app passcode and TouchID fingerprint scan so even if somebody gets a hold of your unlocked device, they can't access your secure content. Finally, all data is stored and encrypted in iCloud Keychain and synced to all of your devices automatically, enter data once and access it everywhere.

I built the app for myself, but I'm hoping there are some others out there that might find it useful. If you have feedback, please drop it here, or contact me directly: nick@atlantiasoftware.com

Kind Regards,



Submitted by steven carey on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello Nick,
I have just purchased your app, had a play and now wish to make a couple of comments.
My firstimpressions are that the app is very easy to use with VO and far more accessible than other secure wallets available on the app store. The app has two areas in which to write/copy information: a title area and a content area. I found these very easy to use, although I'd like to ask, is there any maximum to these two fields?
Also, the settings area was intuitive and simple to use. No problems there.
However, I do have one issue and that is with the purported fingerprint entry once a passcode has been set. I closed the app and then went back in and entered my passcode. However, I could not find anything to suggest that a fingerprint entry system was available: in settings, it suggests that one a passcode has been set, I could use my fingerprint instead. There was no evidence of this when I opened the app.
Other than that, a good app and one I will use instead of the less accessible ones on the market. What improvements have you got planned for the future?
I'd like to see some simple standardised scripts added if possible. For example, when adding a credit card, rather than just areas for a title and comments, areas for a title, credit card number, start and expiry date, and CRC number would be useful. Similarly, what about a script that could be designed by the user to denote the username an password for Amazon, ebay or Audible?

Kind regards,


Submitted by Nick B on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for checking out the app. Let me address your points here:

- Once you've created a passcode, you should find a switch on the settings for enabling fingerprint as long as you're using a device with a fingerprint reader. What iOS device are you using?

- As for future features: I originally was going to incorporate Card IO for scanning credit cards, to save the user from having to enter the info manually, but it doesn't pick up expiration date and CVV so it seemed like a half-hearted feature. I am going to look into more options for computer vision type solutions. Adding usage specific forms for entry is a great idea, I will jot that down in my features list.

- I don't have any plans to do support for login credentials, as other apps like 1Password seem to have that covered pretty well, though I can't really comment on how accessible they are.

Thanks again!

Submitted by steven carey on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hi again Nick,
I am using an iPhone 6 with ios 10.2. I have not had a chance yet but I'll check tonight to scheck out the fingerprint option in settings. I must have just missed it. However, I am very observant when listening, so the option to set the fingerprint might not be that obvious. Maybe something more obvious might be an upgrade option for the future. I'll check it out tonight.
In terms of what I meant about the question about Amazon, ebay, audible etc. I did not mean to suggest something as complicated as setting passwords to automatically entering such apps but something much more simple. For example, rather than having 'title' and 'comments' what about having the option to change the titles. Perhaps I was a bit confusing as I guess this might be the same thing as a script you can format yourself. In the case of Amazon for example, you could change 'title' for 'username' and 'comments' for 'password'.

Thanks again for your quick response,


Submitted by steven carey on Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi again Nick,
I have checked the fingerprint option and of course you are correct: I've now switched it on.
I'm not sure what is happening though. I get the fingerprint to work most of the time but once or twice on doing a test, the app just closed when I tried to use it. I had to back in and rather than the fingerprint, the app reverted back to the passcode. I closed the app again and the fingerprint returned. I know that sometimes I hve difficulty in using thefingerprint option on opening my phone as I have really dry hands (lots of cleaning the kitchen I suppose) but this doesn't answer the question of why the app closes if you don't get a positive fingerprint when trying to open the app. Too troublesome, so I'll revert to the passcode I think.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back to me. I tested this last night and my guess as to what is happening is that your'e hitting the number of failed attempts and being dropped on the app's locked landing screen. I am going to work on a n update to bump up the failed attempt number and make it more obvious what is happening.

Would you mind starting a mail thread with me directly: nick@atlantiasoftware.com Your insights have been great and I'd love to pick your brain on other improvements to this app and perhaps other apps I have in the pipeline.

Thanks again!

Submitted by steven carey on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi Nick,
I tried to send you an e-mail three days ago and it failed. I received a response yesterday to say that the server that your e-mail is attached too does not exist. I'm not trying to get you to 'suck eggs', an English term for teaching old dogs new tricks, whoops another one but have you copied your e-mail address correctly? Otherwise, it mighthave something to do with me being in the UK but I don't think so.
However, happy to speak off-line about your wallet app.