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Hi its Carlos,
I just down loaded netflix since I found that have audio discriptive movies and shows.
When I opened the app i went to the headings and could not find the accessible titles listing like there is on the web site,
also I keep trying to sign out,
and press the sign out button but nothing happens.
Also what about trying to find seasons of the tv shows.
I think there is a problum with the buttons.
Any help would be appreciated.



Submitted by Kevan on Monday, August 10, 2015

The app is fairly accessible, but not perfect for VoiceOver users.
It does not show the list of audio described movies in it, for one. I look at the website first, and remember what movie I want and search it from within the app. If anyone has a better way, please post here.
The logout issue should be fixed by reinstalling the app, since it erases the app's data when you delete it. Sorry it's the button's fault.
When trying to cycle through TV shows and movies, I have problems too. The buttons don't always click when activated with VoiceOver on. It's another bug they need to fix. I suggest contacting them and explaining the problems. If more people do it they'll fix faster.

Submitted by carlos on Monday, August 10, 2015

In reply to by Kevan

Thanks Kevan,
its a problem.
I also tried going to the online web site and playing movies.
I could not figure how to play the videos and if there multiple epesodes expand the series.
I was using windows for the web i tried it with both jaws 15 and window eyes 9.
I also tried firefox and internet explorer.
If any one has any suggestions or knows about using netflix both with my iphone 6 or on windows please let me know.
Thanks again

Submitted by Usman on Monday, August 10, 2015

Somewhat off topic, but has anyone been able to figure out how to access different seasons for a show on netflics on safari for the Mac?

Submitted by carlos on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hellow its Carlos,
Also I went back to the netflix app and double taped on one of the shows i had on the top of the screen,
where it said something like continue for Carlos.
But I wanted to go back to the begining of the movie i only found a button that said,
rewind 10 seconds.
I had no way to start the movie from the begining.
I also found a scrubber wich i can go up and down and it changes things like 11 percent 22 percent etc.
But i cant figure what the scrubbing does.
How do i start the movie from the begining?

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