need a solution for accessible way to use square card reader to accept Credit card payments for my massage practice.

iOS & iPadOS

I am a massage therapist and need an accessible way to accept credit cards for my small business.
I currently have been using square card reader but am not able to use it at the same time as voice over.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of headsets that are known to work with square and voiceover together
Am open to other ideas that are affordable as well.
I was formerly in an office where I could take the card reader and iPad to the front desk and the front office helped run it for me.

I am now in a different work situation where I would very much like to be able to run the cards myself independently in case someone is not available at the front desk.

I tried my blues aftershox headset but it did not work today.

Thanks for any suggestions and help.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I saw this over on blind bargains not too long ago. This looks like a good solution and it is relatively cheap at about 15 dollars. I will post the link to the blind bargains post below as well as the link that goes to amazon. You can get more information from the blind bargains website about how it works. It is basically a head phone splitter that has two jacks. One plugs into a pair of ear Pods, or a head set, the other jack is used to plug in the Square card reader. This way you can use both the payment system and VoiceOver at the same time.

Link to blind bargains post with explanation of how the product works.

Amazon Link:]…

If the link does not work search Wiretap Headphone/Microphone Splitter on amazon.

Submitted by Laura Ann on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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Thank you so much for posting this solution and the links.
Huge help and I will try it.

Submitted by Megan on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You could also go with a bluetooth headset, or with a Braille display. I have seen both of these done at convention before with successful results.
Hope this helps!

Submitted by Laura Ann on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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I used an aftershox bluetooth headset yesterday but it did not work with square.
No sound would come out of the headset once square was plugged into the headphone jack.

Have not tried the latest generation it was the last version of bluetooth headset.

Thanks megan and if someone knows which type of bluetooth to try I would be happy to try it.

Submitted by Jesus R on Thursday, June 23, 2016

I think the order in which you pair and connect to your devices has something to do with it. Try connecting your reader to your device first, then turn on your headphones after. Make sure bluetooth is on before connecting your reader. Otherwise try pairing your headphones first, then connecting your reader. I'm sure the first one works though.
Something else to try if you can is the new square reader. It is the reader put out by square to take the new EMB Chip cards, and I am somewhat sure that you can also run the mag stripe though the readers, but I am not sure about this. This new reader works by bluetooth, so should not mess with VoiceOve0r.
Hope this helps and good luck!