need help with the twitter app for IOS.

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okay, I am having a little trouble here. I have started using the native twitter app on my IPhone four S. I really like it but something I don't like is the fact I broke something and now I can not get it fixed. Okay, so I selected people that I wanted to be alerted when they post new tweets. But I turned all notifications on, and now it is going off every time someone posts something and I can't get it to stop. I can't turn off the notifications now. I would like to keep up with people, but only a few, not all of my followers Etc. How do I fix this? help someone, please? my phone is driving me nuts lol!



Submitted by Marian Wilson on Sunday, April 13, 2014

You can do one of two things: you can go to Settings, click on your Twitter handle, and that should take you into a notifications menu. Click on "Tweets," and below the on/off switch button, there should be a list of those you follow. By each one, there's a profile photo, follow/following button, then another switch button. ... Another way is to go to your profile, click on "Following," and go down the list of followee profiles, clicking on "Profile Actions" for each one. ... Pain in the ankle two joints up, I know, but that should help. :)

okay, so there is no switch button now in the main settings screen. however I can go through my followers list and do it that way, but from what I see of most of them, the notifications are turned off. However the retweet thing is on. should I turn that off as well?