need help putting text files onto the IPhone5s

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Hi all. I need help putting text files on my IPhone5s. I own the psrs900 yamaha keyboard.
this keyboard has 305 different rhythms. So for me its impossible to memorize the names of the rhythms. so I got a pdf file with the names of the rhythms on yamaha's

website. I wrote all the diferent rhythm names into braille but if I play keyboard at a place where its windy my pages are blown and I lose my place or sometimes the

pages tears.I created 12 text files each with the names of the rhythms in a specific category. for example all jazz rhythms in one text file, all the pop rhythms in

another etc.
I often play keyboard at places such as restaurants and markets.
so I draw up a list of songs I want to play.
In a text file I copy the name of a specific rhythm that goes along with each song I am going to play.
So with my previous phone which was a nokia I copied all the text files containing the rhythm names into a folder on the memory card of my nokia phone.
So when I play keyboard at places, all I have to do is go to the file manager ap on the nokia phone and select the text file with the rhythm names I'm going to use.
To hear what the next rhythm name is, I simply press the button to scroll down.
Just to give you some background. Now on to my actual problem where I need help.
My nokia phone died and I now have the IPhone5s. for me to type in all those rhythm names manually into notes on my IPHone is too time consuming. I need a way to put

those text files on my IPHOne. With my previous nokia phone I simply connected the nokia to my pc with a data cable and using windows explorer I copy all the files

containing the rhythm names.
But the IPHone doesn't work like that. I use Itunes for windows to copy music onto my IPHone but I can't find a way to copy those text files onto my IPHone.
So I need a way to copy those text files onto my IPHone and then also to open each text file on my IPhone.
Many thanks for any help.



Submitted by Scott Davert on Monday, February 1, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

While I'm sure there is probably a way to do this with iTunes, it may be best to just use Dropbox. It's free, and you can dump whatever files you want from your PC to Dropbox, those files will then also be available through your iPhone if you have the app installed. You can even make the files availavle offline if you're off the grid or don't want to use data each time you want to access them. I did a podcast on the Dropbox app here on AppleVis if that will help.

Submitted by peter on Monday, February 1, 2016

That is exactly what I do also - Use DropBox to copy text files of sets lists for each performance of our jazz trio.

If you need off-line access (when there is no data connection or WiFi) use can always have Drop-Box store files off-line.


Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

I agree completely that Dropbox is a really useful tool for what you wish to accomplish. You can also move those text files from your Dropbox storage into other IPhone apps, such as Voice Dream Reader or Nebulous Notes, so that you can read them easily from anywhere. (By the way, lots of iPhone apps interface nicely with Dropbox.)

Good luck,