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Hi all
I experience a critical problem with my IPhone6s and I need help urgently please.
I have I OS 13.6.
This morning something bad happened. I suddenly could not make or receive any phone calls. I couldn't get messages in whatsapp that I knew people sent me. I cannot use siri. A message popped up on my screen saying my IPhone is disabled. When my mom came back from work, I turned off voice over so that she can have a look. She connected my IPhone to our wifi and suddenly all seemed to be fine again, but I still cannot make and receive normal calls. I can make and receive whatsapp calls. I
got the whatsapp messages I expected. She told me that she had a similar problem on her android phone. There was an update that she had to do and now her phone works again. I need advice from you guys please.
I know how to do the update; I just want to learn about the direct touch problem with voice over that version 14 has. Marty Shultz from blindfold games says that blind people cannot easily play his games because there is a problem with the new feature in version 14 called direct touch. What I need to get clarity on: is this direct
touch feature a big problem in general? or is it just in games that this feature will give problems? And do you think that I will be able to make and receive calls
again if I update to version 14?
Many thanks for any help.



Submitted by gailisaiah on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hi Nicol:
I'm no expert on this by any means. But could it be that your phone is so old the update won't work? Time for a new phone? Just a thought.

Submitted by Jeff on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Have you tried powering down and restarting your phone? This sometimes solves problems such as you describe.

I'm not a gamer, so I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that you can disable direct touch if it causes issues. In fact, unless you actually want to use the feature, I think you'll want to disable it anyway. It may be disabled by default. I don't knowingly use direct touch, so it's either disabled on my phone or it doesn't get in my way.

HI Jeff
Thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, I did powered down my phone and restarted it; I still cannot make and receive phone calls and only when I'm connected to my home wifi can I use whatsapp. thanks, I will have a look into disabling direct touch. Marty shultz from blindfold games says that direct touch has to be enabled to play his games. thanks for trying to help me.

Submitted by Nicol on Sunday, April 11, 2021

HI all
Thanks for all the responses. I took my IPhone to my service provider to have a look at it. It was my sim card that was faulty. They gave me a new sim card and now everything on my phone works as it should.