need help deleting messages in whats app

iOS and iPadOS

HI all. I'm using whats app on the IPhone5s. I prefer to send my friends voice messages rather than text messages. Voice messages is just so much quicker. I have the problem that my whats app message list gets cluttered. Is there a way to delete messages I don't want in whats app? there is only a few nice messages I want to keep such as a few nice music videos and beautiful messages from my friends. If I want to listen to those, I have to scroll through lots of other messages I sent my friends and those they sent me. For example, I have a lot of messages where my mom whats app me to say she is picking me up for coffee at eleven or a message saying she left food for me in the oven before leaving for work. those I no longer need so I want to delete those so that I only have the messages I really want to keep. And I do not want to keep the messages that I sent my friends. I don't enjoy listening to my own messages. And I am also afraid of using all my storage for whats app, but my biggest problem is that the list of messages is cluttered. Is there a way I can delete messages in whats app? Or is there another app in the app store that will enable me to delete whats app messages? there is an option to archive messages in whats app but that option is seldomly available in the rotor. Seldomly there is an actions item in the rotor and under actions is an option to archive the current message but most of the time the actions item is not available in the rotor. the only items that are available in the rotor most of the time is to read by character, word, heading and container. Many thanks for any help. bfn